Katt Williams Opts For $10k Out Of Court Settlement In Assault Lawsuit!


By Ryan Ochieng

Posted May 2nd 2018



Comedian Katt Williams appeared not to be ready to take the meandering road of a full trial in a case in which a woman accused him of assault. According to reports, the actor has agreed to an out of court settlement in which he allegedly paid the said woman more than $10,000.

Jamila Majesty claimed that she was assaulted at the actor’s house in Malibu in 2016.

According to her lawsuit, she visited Williams’ home and found several other women therein. Things were just fine until she used Williams’ personal bathroom, an act that got the comedian mad and yelling at her, saying,  “no one uses my bathroom.” After that, Williams and the women in attendance pounced on her and started beating her up until she lost her consciousness.

As her beating, which she claims ran for three hours, continued, Williams allegedly burned her with a cigarette. Majesty also says that as she was being roughed up, one of the women in the room was “reading a book about witchcraft and casting spells while throwing questionable items into a nearby fire.”

Luckily, she managed to escape and drove home without alerting the police of her ordeal over fears that the rich comedian would retaliate.

Majesty did nothing about the issue until a few months later when she filed a lawsuit for assault, battery, and emotional distress.

For Williams to have agreed to part with more than $10,000 in the case, it must have been something that actually happened.

However, some people believe it’s all a fabricated story that the woman made up to get some cash from a rich Hollywood figure.

One Bossip user by the name Kayke wrote, “You got a black eye only from several people beating you for 3 hours? Then “escapes”, so you were kidnapped….and didn’t call the police?. Smh. He paid 10k because it would’ve cost more in legal fees to show her lies.”

Another user felt that the whole narrative wasn’t adding up, and, therefore, wrote, “Three hour beating and being held against her will, while they’re casting spells that are printed on ice cream sticks and she decides not to call the police but later decides to sue and settles. Who does that? They all sound like they were high off of something.”

Well, if it’s money she wanted, she got it. Next time Williams invites someone home he needs to have his bathroom locked or put a sign on the door warning visitors not to use it.



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