15 Restaurants That’ll Give You Free Food And Drink On Your Birthday!


By Alice Sholl

Posted May 4th 2018


If we lived in a perfect world, everything – absolutely everything – would be free on our birthdays.

Thankfully, a number of our favourite restaurants has helped us come one baby step towards that being a reality by offering us free food and drink on our big day.

Whether it’s a bottle of free Prosecco or an entire meal, each of these joints will offer up something tasty if you sign up to a newsletter, for example, or simply give them an email address they can send a code to.

Keep in mind that for lots of them, you can’t simply wander in, grab that bottle of plonk and run out again – you have to buy something (but it’s usually pretty reasonable, unless you’re someone who goes to a restaurant purely for a bottle of solo wine. Not that we’re judging).

Most of these restaurants have branches across the country, so chances are you’ll be able to snap at least one up – just remember to follow each restaurant’s instructions well ahead of time.

See the fifteen restaurants here.

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