What Do Restaurants Do With Leftover Food?


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Posted August 14th 2018


Every restaurant produces half a pound of food waste, but many eateries are now making use of food scraps. Find out what restaurants do with leftover food.

From chips to bread to uncooked protein, eateries are stacked with pounds of leftovers every day. File this under “crazy but true”: Each and every restaurant meal produces half a pound of food waste. All that adds up to 11.4 million tons—and $25 billion—of food waste each year just from U.S. restaurants, says a recent report by the nonprofit ReFED. So what do restaurants do with leftover food? Luckily, word is getting out about the magnitude of the problem and an escalating number of eateries are dreaming up inventive ways to make the most of food scraps, leftovers and more. Keep reading to find out where your dining dollar can make a difference—and possibly get inspired to slim down your food waste at home, too. And to minimize food waste with your own cooking, check out 18 Ways to Make the Most Out of Leftovers.

Meanwhile find out what restaurants do with leftovers here.

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