Director Jordan Peele Reveals Title Of His Next Movie After Get Out!

By Kathrina Tiangco

Posted September 5th 2018



After the huge success of director Jordan Peele’s debut movie Get Out, he continues to gain momentum for his next movie. The title was recently revealed through Peele’s social media account and is called Us.

The director has already brought in Award-winning actresses Lupita Nyong’o to star in the film and is rumored to be in talks with Elizabeth Moss and Winston Duke to also star in the movie. Nyongo’o also confirmed the rumors on her Instagram account after Peele announced his much-anticipated follow-up movie to Get Out.  

Peele promises viewers that the social thriller Us will be a new nightmare. The movie is just one of the projects of Peele in partnership with Universal Pictures. Peele signed a contract with Universal Pictures last spring along with Monkeypaw Productions. The director will also work together with Ian Cooper, Jason Blum, and Sean McKittrick to produce the film.

Peele is also set to write and direct the movie. In the meantime, the plot summary is still in the works and has not yet been announced to the public. Universal Pictures already revealed the date of the movie release for Us which is scheduled on March 2019.

His previous blockbuster hit Get Out opened at the number one spot at the domestic sales which grossed $255 million worldwide. The movie also scored positive reviews from both audience and critics. At the same time, it earned a Best Picture nomination from the Academy while winning the category Best Original Screenplay for Peele.

The movie was a breakout hit which is no wonder why fans can’t wait to see what is in store for Peele’s next movie lineup. According to the director, he knows that in this genre of moviegoers, he likes playing with the themes of horror, thriller, action, and fun. He believes his next film should resemble Get Out. However, he wants to create a completely different type of movie and address another issue apart from race.

Nyong’o just came off from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s blockbuster hit Black Panther. Fans can expect to see the 35-year-old actress on her next film called Little Monsters. Nyong’o previously won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie, 12 Years a Slave.

Meanwhile, Moss is currently working on The Handmaid’s Tale. She is also set to star in New Line’s next project called The Kitchen along with Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy.



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