All We Know About Jesse Williams’ New Black Girlfriend!

By Susan Johnes

Posted September 18th 2018



Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee called it quits back in April 2017. Their marriage lasted nearly five years, and the divorce brought a custody battle over their children, Maceo, 2, and Sadie, 4.

And just after three months of divorce, Williams, 36, began dating Minka Kelly, 37. The two reportedly met while Williams was working on a video game. Even though the duo denied the rumors, they were all proofs to justify that.

Williams is now officially off-market. PEOPLE reports that he is dating SportsNet New York anchor Taylor Rooks. The two were reportedly spotted attending Kevin Hart’s comedy show in New Jersey together.

Who Is Taylor Rooks?

Taylor Rooks is a journalist who has rose to fame for her work on the Big Ten Network. She is credited with successfully interviewing Dwayne Wade and Meek Mill as part of her Timeout podcast in April 2018.

Rooks is only 26 but has raised the bar high with her rapid rise to the mainstream sports reporting. She always represents a new breed of female sports reporters portrayed by her investigative and reporting skills that have given her fast fame.

Her beauty does not hurt. She has a stunning appearance that has enabled her to gain thousands of followers on her social media page more especially Instagram. Rooks keep proving again and again that women can cover men sports effectively, provided they keep their beauty and brains parallel.

Rooks has also been instrumental in expanding female interests in sports broadcasting. She uses the current success in her career to promote and expose the opportunities for women in the world of sports journalism.

One thing that people don’t know is that Rooks considers her father, Thomas Rooks, as her role model. His sporting activity is what motivated Rooks to join her career.

But should Jesse and Rooks’ relationship grow deeper, Jesse cannot introduce the two children to the new relationship because he had filed court documents agreeing to “visitation and communication rules.” With that stipulated, neither parents can introduce the children to any ‘intimate partners’ until six months into any new relationship.

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