Beyonce Now Has Her Very Own Church!

By Susan Johnes

Posted September 25th 2018



She’s one of the most famous artists on the planet. But as it seems, a career in show business isn’t enough for Queen Bey, who has reportedly bought a church in New Orleans.

TMZ reports that the superstar purchased a 7,500 sq. Ft stone church in New Orleans. The church was built in the early 1900’s, making it structure over a 100-years-old. It was listed at $850,000, although it is unclear if this is exactly what Beyoncé paid.

The church has been out of use for a while because its members have passed away. The good news is that the church is located nearby where her kid sister Solange lives.

A church in San Francisco held a worship service themed all around Beyoncé. Grace Cathedral hosted a “Beyoncé Mass” as a part of its weekly worship series targeted towards women and young worshippers.

The service included a sermon about liberation struggle and featured scripture readings by black women, readings from a speech by the civil rights leader Ella Baker, and singing along to Beyoncé songs.

Some songs that were played included “Listen,” “Freedom,” “Flaws and All,” and “I Was Here,” and “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child.

Reverend Yolanda Norton delivered the sermon and helped organize the service. The church’s reverend explained the idea saying: “When we talk about womanist biblical interpretation, Beyoncé felt like a natural fit.”

Beyoncé’s church probably will take a different direction, but this was fun nonetheless. Fans can soon worship their Queen in an actual church which was once a church of Christ, but now it is a church of Beyoncé.

And yes, you can also attend Beyoncé-themed masses elsewhere more especially if you have ever wanted to take your worship of Beyoncé to the next level.

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