Tiffany Haddish’s Ex-Husband Denies Alleged Abuse And Sues Her!

By Susan Johnes

Posted September 28th 2018



The ex-husband of Tiffany Haddish is denying claims that he abused the comedian during the time they were married. According to William Stewart, Haddish asked him to be aggressive while they were making love and even asked him to choke her.

After the actress’ memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, came out, Stewart sued his ex-wife upon reading the chapter titled The Ex-Husband. Haddish described her ex as an abusive husband and a stalker even though she never mentioned his name. Stewart also sued the publisher Simon & Schuster for slander, libel, and defamation and asked over $1 million in damages.

Based on the latest court documents, Stewart’s lawyers sent letters to Haddish and the publisher for settlement before Stewart officially files a lawsuit. Stewart also said that he tried to reach out to Haddish before making any statement with the hopes of resolving the situation. According to him, the actress replied and told him to be patient and to start thinking positive because his blessings are waiting on him.

Haddish said that she filed a TRO against her ex during the time they were married. He argued that it was dropped after she took back her allegations and admitted that she was the one who attacked Stewart. Her ex also claims that in an interview with comedian Dom Irrera, she said that Stewart physically abused her and even cracked a joke that he never beat her but choked her. Choking became one of her regular punchlines during her comedy acts.

His lawyers apparently made a huge revelation claiming that they have information that will prove how Haddish regularly asked Stewart to be aggressive with her during sex. This includes the part where she would often ask him to choke her as part of their sex routine. Stewart claims that he has audio recordings of Haddish asking for the help of a psychic for her violent tendencies towards her husband which is evidence that he did not abuse her.

The letter from his lawyers ended in a note clarifying that their client, Stewart had never committed any domestic violence or abuse against Haddish during the entire time they were husband and wife. He also did not abandon his daughter. They expressed that the allegations against Stewart can never be taken back and his reputation is forever damaged and irreparable.

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