Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei Hart Declares She’s Ready To ‘Be A Hoe’ At Age 40!

By Susan Johnes

Posted October 2nd 2018


Despite Torrei Hart’s dating life being rocky, it has always acted as her inspiration. Torrei recently took to her Instagram to share footage from her latest comedy show, following her post-married life.

The 40-year-old also took a chance to expound on how she didn’t get to explore her “hoe” phase at a younger age; revealing plans to do it now.

Torrei detailed how she had to put her dreams of comedy stardom on hold when she married her husband in their Philadelphia hometown and began raising a family at age 23.

Despite her divorce with Kevin Hart, 38, in 2011, Torrei said she continues to define who she is and is determined to control the narrative of her life. And due to that, she’s been actively involved with the public to share her dating life as inspiration.

In March this year, BET interviewed Torrei where she said she experienced depression following the break up with ex-husband comedian Kevin Hart.

According to the outlet, Torrei said she’d have days when she didn’t want to leave bed because she’d think about how she found out about Kevin Hart’s affair with Eniko Hart who is now his wife. It got worse when she began to have thoughts of suicide.

“There were days when I didn’t want to go on, and I was like, ‘Well, what do I need to live for,’” expressed Torrei. She continued, “And, of course, in those moments, I would get calls from my mother, I would get calls from my sister’s.”

However, what kept her going during those challenging times were her two kids along with strengthening her relationship with God that helped her get into a positive mindset.

Touching on how the dating scene has evolved since she was married and in her early 20s, she explained that she’s now embracing a part of herself which she had to suppress, in the past.

“The dating scene is so different, you know what I’m saying?” she told the crowd. “‘Cause getting married at 23, I ain’t go to college. I didn’t get a chance to be a hoe and do all that s**t… So, you know, trying to date at 49 and do hoe, it just doesn’t work.”

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