Nile Rodgers Is The New Songwriters Hall Of Fame Chairman!

By Ryan Velez

Posted October 22nd 2018



Nile Rodgers was elected the chairman of the New Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Board members unanimously elected him to succeed his co-chairs Leon Huff and Kenneth Gamble. The hall of Fame celebrates songwriters and educates the public about their achievements.

Born on 19th September, 1952, in New York City, Nile Rodgers loved music from a tender age and both his father and uncle have similar artistic inclinations. He became an exceptional guitarist after finding his way into a band where he focused on his craft.

He will serve a three-year term as the chairman of the New Songwriters Hall of Fame and he promised that he will try to serve with all his heart.

All those who know him believe that he will succeed. There is nothing one can say about him that hasn’t already been said by millions of people around the world – in thousands of cities, through millions of radio airwaves, and in hundreds of countries.

His career is one of the most productive and enduring in music. His signature is scribbled across a remarkable collection of music – from Diana Ross to Madonna, from Eric Clapton to David Bowie. He worked as a producer or performer with the named artists.

As Linda Moran, the Hall of Fame president says, “Rodgers’ eloquence in talking about songwriting and its process makes him the ideal voice for the songwriting community.”

Among exceptional music legends, Rodgers is really outstanding. He intensifies his legacy by working as a producer, composer, and arranger and has won Grammy award. He’s also a renowned guitarist who relentlessly traverses new musical terrain and has successfully expanded the boundaries of popular music.

He co-founded the band Chic through which he pioneered a musical language that produced top-chart hits like “Good Times” and “Le Freak.” These hits won CHIC 9 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations.

Rodgers’ work in CHIC and his productions for leading artists have seen the sale of more than 50 million singles and 200 million albums worldwide. The scope of his peerless influence is undeniable having fueled 40 years of pop anthems with an excess of 200 production credits to his name.

Life is never without challenges; Rodgers had struggled with severe alcohol and drug abuse for much of his life. However, he successfully completed rehab and has managed to remain sober for many years. In 2010, the producer was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but was able to make a full recovery.

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