How Nicki Minaj Keeps Proving To Us That She Is Indeed the Queen Of Philanthropy!

By Susan Johnes

Posted October 25th 2018


When it comes to the philanthropic role, hip-hop star Nicki Minaj scores beyond the scoreline. It is no secret that Minaj has been a big fan of the education and as a result, has always used her fame to support the same cause.

Last year, she used her social media presence to tweet and tell her fans to make sure they stay in school. She has also been putting her money in the directions; dedicated to helping her student-fans pay their tuition and loans.

Recently, the talented rapper promised to fund college tuition for students. She fulfilled the promise when she decided to pay college tuition and loan debts for 37 students.

If we can recall, in 2017 the “Chun-Li” artist began the “Student of the Game” fund after a fan asked the star if she would pay her tuition.

The Twitter interaction between the two made headlines on the Internet, making Minaj pay for countless fan’s college fees, room and board expenses, book costs and school debt (reportedly $18,000 in college fees).

Following the move, the rapper was inspired to continue the initiative and posted a set of rules and instructions in May for all of her fans who wanted to participate in the proceeding college tuition fund.

“Ok just send one tweet with the hashtag #StudentOfTheGame saying how much dollars you need & what it’s for. All $ will be paid directly towards the tuition, books, etc. I’ll fav your tweet & DM you if you’ve been chosen, for more info. Not every faved tweet will get a DM,” she tweeted.

Following her tweet, hundreds and thousands of students submitted their information. Minaj and her team sorted through numerous entries and picked 37 students to have their loans or tuition paid. The winners’ names were announced on her website MyPinkFriday.Com.

Needless to say, fans were shocked by Minaj’s act of kindness which has developed into something more significant with several of them tweeting back their gratitude.

The rapper’s latest move is something recommendable and should be enumerated by all artists; who apart from dropping music should also be on the verge of changing the lives of ordinary people.




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