Martin Lawrence And The Lit AF Tour Hits The Wolstein Stage This Friday!

By: Kareem Gantt

Posted November 5th 2018


Sure, there are the new-age comics that certainly have the material to make an audience hold their stomachs in laughter; but these new comedians wouldn’t have had the platform that they have today if it wasn’t for funny men like Martin Lawrence paving the way.

For those who haven’t heard of Lawrence (and it’s hard to fathom that those people even exist), here’s a quick backstory on his career.

Lawrence got his start at The Improv, a New York City comedy club, and he spent his early years grinding on the comedy circuit. His big break came when Russell Simmons picked the young comedian to host Def Comedy Jam, which, under his hosting, became a cultural phenomenon that has launched the careers of such stars as  Mike Epps and the late Bernie Mac.

During his career, he has had his own hit television show (“Martin”), countless hit films and sold out concerts. His latest, the LIT AF Tour, will bring comedians both young and old to bring a bit of laughter to an American that has forgotten how to just have a good time. Joining Lawrence on this year’s installment of the LIT AF Tour will be Michael Blackson, Deray Davis, Adele Givens and Clayton Thomas.

Martin Lawrence and the LIT AF Tour will hit the Wolstein Center stage this Friday at 8pm.

More info available here.



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