Kerry Washington Continues to Diversify her Portfolio

By Kathrina Tiangco

Posted November 27th 2018



Actress Kerry Washington who became famous for her role as Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal was seen celebrating her new series at Cannes. After the series finale of Scandal, Washington started working on a new project for Hulu. She is executive producing the series Little Fires Everywhere along with actress Reese Witherspoon.

Her new role as a producer brings a new sense of fulfillment to the actress. She shares how she enjoys producing the show. She believes that it’s important for women of color not to be just the subject of their stories. The people who are behind the scenes who are actually telling the stories play a significant role too.

Aside from her Hulu show, she also has a new program on Facebook Watch called Five Points. She is also starring and producing in a Broadway show called American Son. The actress explains how she believes in the diversification of her portfolio. She says working across all mediums is important to explore all kinds of narratives.

Washington also shares how it’s like to work for a streaming service and says it’s very different. Each project she gets is going to be different especially depending on the storyline and the target audience. Nonetheless, she finds it fun to work in a variety of ways.

In her Facebook Watch series, there are 10 episodes which have a duration or 10 to 12 minutes each. Meanwhile, her Hulu show is a limited series. She finds it exciting to work in the entertainment business because she is able to share stories that work in different ways. It can be short, long or limited.

When it comes to women in Hollywood, Washington says that people are working very hard to push the Time’s Up movement. The people behind it are working tirelessly to support everyone who is a victim of sexual abuse and imbalance of power. A legal defense fund has been established to help people regardless of industry.

Washington recently attended the Cannes Lions Festival for a series of events including sit down with Twitter and a separate one for streaming media such as Hulu and Spotify. The actress revealed that it was her first time in Cannes for the festival and she’s here to talk to Twitter as part of the women empowerment program.

She finds it interesting to see how innovation is making a huge impact across all medium. Washington is currently working on creating different programs for multiple platforms.

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