FBI Investigating Cuyahoga County Jail On Brutality, Civil Rights Violations!


Posted November 29th 2018



The FBI is investigating the Cuyahoga County Jail, which has been accused of brutality, cruel treatment and civil rights issues.

The allegations were blacked out in the copy of the jail’s review released by Cuyahoga County yesterday.

But in the full version of the US Marshal’s review obtained by a news organization, the allegations were spelled out with inspectors writing in one a use of force instance that can be confirmed and that use of force is used as punishment.

Officials added that that particular use of force incident was turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for further investigation.

The Marshal’s team also noted that more than 100 interviews with inmates revealed “strong and consistent allegation of brutality, use of force punishment and cruel treatment at the hands of the jail’s security response team.

The allegations were apparently backed-up by body cam videos.

According to the report, those videos showed jailers acting aggressively and using abusive and explicit language directed at the inmates.

Along with the FBI, Cuyahoga County’s inspector general is also looking into possible civil rights issues inside the jail where, since June, at least six inmates have died.

According to the report, there have been 55 suicide attempts at the jail in the past year.

Part of what US Marshal Pete Elliott described as a broken system that, in his words, almost needs to be gutted and rebuilt from the bottom up.

“They need to bring in a strong warden in my opinion that has tons of corrections experience, that’s going to be no-nonsense, that’s going to be able to work on these matters right away,” Elliott said.

County leaders have pledged improvements at the facility and say some changes have already been put in place.

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