Why Dwayne Johnson’s And Kevin Hart Bromance Works!


By Kathrina Tiangco

Posted December 21st 2018




Ever since actors Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson worked together on the 2016 movie, Central Intelligence, the duo has quickly become everybody’s favorite bromance. The two actors continue to joke about each other affectionately and fans can’t seem to get enough of it.

The duo’s bromance is evident on their social media accounts as they comment on each other’s Instagram posts while keeping their fans entertained. They even transpose their faces into baby pictures. Their Instagram posts started while they were filming the box office hit Jumanji, a reboot of the Robin Williams movie. The two actors played the role of two adult avatars of high school students who were sucked into the video game of Jumanji.

Unlike other bromances you often see on Hollywood, what makes their relationship standout is because it appears authentic. However, their bromance is also strategically done. Aside from their personal enjoyment, it’s also an excellent PR strategy.

Last year, Johnson uploaded a video showing him pranking Hart with a ginormous fake spider. Hart was quick to respond with his own payback. He created a funny motivational workout video mocking Johnson’s popular training videos.

The hilarious feud is very evident in Jumanji where the two are seen bantering each other. It went on during the film’s press tour, behind-the-scenes, talk shows, and became front and center of the movie’s promotional strategy. When Johnson’s daughter was born earlier this year, he even replaced the photo with Hart’s face. The duo also does impressions of each other to the delight of their fans.

Plus, physically the two are entertaining to look at. Johnson appears as the big scary guy while Hart looks like a midget beside him. Their bromance brings comic relief to their movies. At the same time, their personal relationship is fun and adorable to watch unfold on social media.

On and off screen, the brothers are certainly going on the right path. They are both talented entertainers which make their branding a success. Hart and Johnson both have a huge following on social media. Hart has 61 million followers on Instagram while Johnson has a whopping 111 million fans.

Johnson has a collaboration with Under Armor. He promotes the brand on his Instagram workout videos. At some point, he has become the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Hart, on the other hand, has also become one of the comedians in the entertainment industry that brings home a hefty paycheck. He has partnerships with several brands including the NBA, Nike, Mountain Dew, and Tommy John which he promoted on his social media posts.



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