Cleveland Councilman Calls For Parents To Be Charged For Leaving Kids In Cars Unattended!

By Rachel Vadaj

Posted March 13th 2019


Cleveland Councilman Mike Polensek said he is concerned about the increase in crime involving a parent or family member leaving small children in running, unlocked cars while getting gas, running errands, or shopping.

Councilman Polensek said the parental negligence risks the safety of not only the children, but of police officers as well:

“As a result of this negligence regarding the safety of children, just in the last week alone we had two abductions of small children at convenient-type stores in the city which led to direct engagement by the Cleveland Police Department. Not only does this lack of parental responsibility put the child at great risk, it also puts the community and CPD officers at great risk, as well.”

Councilman Polensek said he is calling on authorities to consider charging these families that leave unattended children in unlocked cars with child endangerment.

Last Tuesday, a woman was accused of was attempting to steal a car with a 4-year-old child inside at a convenience store parking lot.

The councilman said he has already written to the city prosecutor, the chief of police, and the director of public safety asking them to consider these actions.

Councilman Polensek believes parents need to assume more responsibility, especially in these crimes:

“It should be that if you are the cause of putting a child in danger there should be a penalty. Parents and adults must be held responsible for the safety of their children and charged with Child Endangerment. We need to put a greater emphasis on parental responsibility in this city. The insanity has to stop.”


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