Black Panther Star Auditioned With “Fake Scripts” & Didn’t Know It Was Marvel!

By Emily Hutchinson, Digital Spy

Posted March 25th 2019



It’s no secret that Marvel likes to keep its storylines under-wraps, but Black Panther star Winston Duke is now revealing the pretty crazy lengths they went to keep things a secret while getting the cast together for the 2018 superhero movie.

Duke shared that he actually had no idea he was auditioning for a Marvel movie and even had to practice with a “fake script” before he finally realised just how big the project really was.

“I didn’t even know what I was doing, I didn’t know what movie it was in the audition,” he told Metro.

“They didn’t tell you so I auditioned without knowing what movie I was auditioning for.”

The actor continued: “They were fake scripts! You just sign a non-disclosure agreement and then they send you sides (a part of a script provided to actors for use in an audition) that they just wrote, and you memorise it and work on it and flush it out and create character and go in and do your things.”

He then revealed when the penny finally dropped about the film being a part of the MCU.

“I had no idea until I had a director session the third time around and saw it was Ryan Coogler, and I was like ‘ohhhh, lightbulb!'” he said.

We’re guessing he’s probably pretty glad he took the chance on the anonymous audition now, as Black Panther became the first MCU film to win an Oscar last month.

It also saw Hannah Beachler and Ruth E Carter become the the first African-American women to win Oscars in the production and costume design categories

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