Shaft Is Still Black AF, So We Played ‘Black Ass Game!’

SHAFT 2019 J.T. USHER, SAMUEL L. JACKSON AND RICHARD ROUNDTREE, By Felice Leion-The Grapevine, Posted July 1st 2019

The Shaft franchise been black AF.

After all, the first Shaftfilm was released in 1971, starring Richard Roundtree during the era of blaxploitation films. John Shaft “looked out for his brother man” and wore a huge ‘fro, turtleneck and a long leather jacket (a la the Black Panthers) while doing so. For any film to carrying the name and legacy of Shaft, it must be blackety-black. No exceptions.

Fast forward to 2019, and Samuel L. Jackson is (once again) busting heads and cursing mofos out as Shaft. You’ll be pleased to hear that the most recent addition to the Shaft franchisemaintains its blackness (complete with a grits reference and all). As such, we thought it would only be appropriate to mark the occasion by playing our fave: “Black Ass Game.”

‘Shaft’ is playing in theaters now.

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