’21 Bridges’: Chadwick Boseman Uncovers A Set-Up!

SlashFilm.com, Posted November 15th 2019

It seems like it would be difficult to lose track of 21 Bridges (that’s so many bridges!), but the first post-Avengers: Endgame flick from producers The Russo Brother. The current November 22nd release date gives STX time to release one more 21 Bridges trailer to try to build up hype for the thriller starring Chadwick Boseman as an NYPD detective on a citywide manhunt.

Chadwick Boseman may be playing a regular old detective in 21 Bridges — though an “embattled” one, according to the synopsis — but that won’t stop him from leaping over turnstiles and performing all kinds of superheroic acrobatics in the new trailer. And why not? It gives some flavor to an otherwise standard mid-budget thriller, which follows Boseman’s detective as he embarks on a manhunt for a pair of cop killers, only to uncover a vast conspiracy. “It’s a set-up,” Boseman tells J.K. Simmons‘ character, who doesn’t seem all that surprised.

It is a little bit of a surprise that the trailer is basically revealing the entire plot to us, but that “conspiracy” is alluded to in the synopsis, so you can’t blame us for spoiling it. But in this era of spoiler culture, perhaps the Russo brothers are happy to just spill all the details on this Brian Kirk-directed movie after being forced to keep so many secrets for so long.

Sienna MillerStephan JamesKeith David, and Taylor Kitsch also star in 21 Bridges, which is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Adam Mervis.

21 Bridges hits theaters November 22nd.

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