Halle Berry Had The Best Response To A Troll Who Said She Had ‘Construction Worker’ Hands!

Yahoo.com, By Emily Schiffer-WOMAN’S HEALTH, Posted September 19th 2019 Halle Berry just responded to an Instagram troll who said she

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Keanu Reeves Praised By Fans As ‘Respectful’ After They Notice He Doesn’t Touch Women In Photos!

Yahoo.com, By Alexia Fernandez-PEOPLE, Posted August 6th 2019 Keanu Reeves is being hailed a “king” after Twitter users pointed out

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Halle Berry Had Heated Argument With Spike Lee On Set Of “Jungle Fever”..Here’s Why!

ILoveOldSchoolMusic.com, Posted July 12th 2019 In 1991, Halle Berry officially began making noise in Hollywood, as Samuel Jackson’s ‘crackhead girlfriend’

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