Trump Hates This Ad So Much, His Campaign Has Asked Networks to Stop Running It—or Else, By Stephen A. Crockett Jr., Posted April 17th 2020


When all of this is said and done, history is going to look back at Donald Trump, especially during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, and say:

Trump fumbled the ball on a global pandemic not because he wasn’t warned or didn’t have the information available to him; he fucked up because he’s a liar, and when America needed him to be brutally honest, he did what liars do.

Now Trump’s official super PAC, America First Action, is trying to intimidate TV stations in key battleground states by sending strongly worded letters from lawyers to stop running an honest ad about Trump’s ineffective and reckless (read, big lies) leadership during a global pandemic.

According to Raw Story, “The TV stations refused to pull the ad, placed by the pro-Biden super PAC Priorities USA (PUSA), which rightly noted that the pro-Trump super PAC did not even have standing to make the demand.”

So, attorneys for Donald J. Trump for President campaign sent a cease and desist letter to the television stations airing the ad, demanding that they stop giving the people the truth ASAP!

Not only did they send a sternly worded email (or letter; who sends letters in 2020?), they also threatened to bring their big cousin, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), up there to beat their asses.

While they didn’t threaten actual physical violence, Raw Story notes that the “President controls [the FCC] in that he appoints its commissioners, [and] could pull their broadcast licenses if they did not comply.”

The letter reads: “your station has an obligation to cease and desist from airing [the ad] immediately to comply with FCC licensing requirements, to serve the public interest, and to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.”

It also claims, “we formally demand that your station refuse to continue airing it to meet your responsibilities not to broadcast false information,” which is hilarious considering the president is King Liar (which he makes everyone in the White House pronounce as “Lear”).

It adds, “your station has a responsibility to ‘protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising,’” and threatens that “your failure to remove this deceptive ad … could put your station’s license in jeopardy.”

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