Samuel L. Jackson’s Spirited Reading Of ‘Stay The F**k’ At Home’ Should Brighten Your Day!


Actor Samuel L. Jackson is just as fed up with being indoors day in and day out as the rest of us. He recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! (well, from his home) to remind us of the importance of staying safe amidst the COVID-19 brouhaha in a way only Sam L. can.

Jackson presented a new poem written by Adam Mansbach, the author of the Amazon bestseller Go the F**k to Sleep, titled “Stay the F**k At Home.” Jackson recorded the audiobook for Mansbach’s 2011 hit, a perfect choice given his frequent use of the cuss word throughout both his prolific film career and in his personal life. The original book served as an exasperated way to get Mansbach’s then two-year-old daughter to fall asleep, sparked in response to a Facebook post alluding to writing a book about his frustrations.

While sitting on his couch and sporting a purple jacket, signature Kangol hat and shirt ensemble (the shirt features a drawing of him designed by Arizona artist J. Pierce), Jackson cracks open the book’s spine and begins to read.

“The ‘rona is spreading, and shit is no joke, it’s no time to work or roam,” he begins. “The way you can fight it is simple, my friends: just stay the fuck at home.”

Elsewhere in the poem, Jackson discusses how critical it is to eliminate the spread of the illness by washing your hands frequently and not touching your face. He also notes you can still see your friends by using apps on your phone. His spirited, Dr. Seussian-style of enunciation is amplified by the pleasant sounds of a piano playing as he reads. It’s truly a fucking delight.

“Motherfucker, it’s no time to gamble, look around, you’re not in a casino,” he continues. “Just stay the fuck home as if your name is Trenton Quarantino.” Well played, Mansbach, well played.

Elsewhere in his chat with the late-night host, Jackson discussed how he is spending his time indoors, which includes watching Tiger King with his family and cooking a favorite food of his: “Kobe beef hot dogs with grilled onions and coleslaw.”

See, motherfuckers? If Samuel L. Jackson can make the best of staying inside, you can too.

J’na Jefferson

Music and culture journalist. Pronounced “Jay-nuh.”