MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: The Soul In The Game: A Celebration For The Cleveland Negro League Baseball 2020 Centennial!

By Cleveland Negro Leagues Baseball, Posted June 24th 2020

The Soul In The Game

Celebrate The League that put Some Soul In The Game!

The Community Cup Classic Foundation in partnership with the Josh Gibson Foundation, Lifeline Sports, A Vision of Change, The City of Cleveland and League Park, will host events to celebrate the 2020 Negro League Centennial in Cleveland and the 75th Anniversary of the Cleveland Buckeyes first and only Negro League World Series title.

The Community Cup Classic Foundation was created to improve adult engagement in all facets of a young person’s development creating avenues where youth are shown appreciation by those within their community, their social groups or most importantly by those that reside in their homes.  Partnering with the Josh Gibson Foundation, created to provide the type of access that he never enjoyed with the creation of facilities and baseball fields dedicated to the youth of the Pittsburgh community.

To celebrate the 2020 Negro League Centennial and 75th Cleveland Buckeye Negro League World Series title, these Foundations and core partners have plans to host multiple events throughout the summer and fall to raise awareness and garner continued support to achieve their goals. Along with many other national events, COVID-19 seriously impacted the implementation of these signature events.  However, despite the grim realities of the health crisis, these core partners remain steadfast and committed to continue with our efforts to commemorate these monumental dates and educate the community and raise awareness of the impact these important historical events had on America as well as Cleveland, Ohio.

As such, we will transition to a virtual worldwide platform to celebrate these historical accomplishments and begin our events with a series of historical presentations throughout the year by Ike Brooks, Negro League Baseball Historian.

Baseball Heritage Museum Negro League Centennial Presentations

There will be historical presentations throughout the year by Ike Brooks, Historian.  Here’s the schedule for those programs:

  • June 13… Black Baseball Chronology
  • June 27… Bazooka Blasts – Luke Easter
  • July 11…  Like Being the 2nd Person to Invent the Telephone – the Legacy of Larry Doby
  • July 25… Women Negro League Players
  • August 8… The East-West All-Star Games
  • August 22… A Day Worth Remembering – Leon Day
  • September 12… The Magnificent 7 – Cleveland  Negro Leaguers to the Majors
  • September 12… Josh Gibson: The Legend Behind the Plate
  • September 26… Satchel Paige: The Face of Negro League Baseball
  • October 10… Cleveland Indians and Social Change
  • October 24… Crossing the Line- the Re-Integration of Major League Baseball
  • November 14… Negro Leaguers on the 1954 AL Championship Team
  • December 5… A Million Thrills – The Second Time Around for Ted Toles, Jr.

To register for the Negro League Historical Presentations, click here

A full list of events is listed here.  However most have been cancelled due to COVID 19.

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