Whoopi Goldberg And Joy Behar Shut Down Meghan McCain’s COVID Outburst


Yahoo.com, By Matt Wilstein-THE DAILY BEAST, Posted July 3rd 2020

The View devolved into yet another shouting match on Wednesday morning after co-host Meghan McCain appeared to say that she trusts Tucker Carlson more than Dr. Anthony Fauci when it comes to COVID-19. 

It started when Joy Behar went after congressional Republicans for “protecting Trump” and “prioritizing the economy over science.” They have only started to wear masks, she suggested, now that the president’s poll numbers are in precipitous decline. “They have aided and abetted this president down the road to destruction, and we are all in this sinking boat with them until this country gets it together and says, we need leadership,” Behar said. “I say vote them all out. All of them. Every Republican running.” 

McCain could be seen on screen widening her eyes in disbelief, but first it was Sunny Hostin’s turn. She pointed to new studies that show how Fox News may have intensified the severity of the pandemic by spreading misinformation to viewers. 

“I am 100 percent willing to say on television that I do not have faith and trust in Dr. Fauci in the way that I did,” McCain declared when it was her turn to speak.

As she has done in the past, McCain pointed to supposed hypocrisy when it comes to Black Lives Matter protests and now Pride marches. 

 “It’s great that people are out marching in any other time other than a pandemic right here, and we’re not supposed to be this close together,” she said. “I’m not supposed to be within six feet of people. The narrative continues to confuse me. Republicans are the devil. Fox News is the devil, but protesters for Pride and protesters for Black Lives Matter, it’s fine, and the pandemic doesn’t exist.” 

Simultaneously, Behar and Whoopi Goldberg came in with, “Actually, I don’t think—” and “Nobody said that.” 

“I’m the only conservative on this show and I leave this place and all I do is pretty much consume conservative media,” McCain continued on. “So I was just trying to explain what conservatives are seeing, and as much as you want to trash Fox News, Tucker Carlson has the highest approval ratings and numbers in Fox News history right now, partly because he’s saying, in a much more eloquent way, what I am saying right now.” 

Again, Goldberg and Behar could not wait to refute her claims, talking over each other with their rebuttals. 

“Who said it was OK for anybody?” Behar asked.

“At this point, there is no person in our country who can look at what’s happening and say that your politics is wrong or my politics is wrong,” Goldberg said. “This is not about politics. People who are conservative, people who are Republican, people who are Democrat, they’re all getting hit the same way. People are dying!” She then added, “We have talked about the fact that everybody has to get on board to stop the spread of this thing. We said it to the marchers, we said it to everybody. Nobody is making a distinction.” 

“Dr. Fauci is not, in the way that I would have liked,” McCain replied, arguing that the top health officials “should have been screaming bloody murder” when the protests started. “I do think there was an impression made from some people that it was OK because the protesting and the existential crisis of police brutality, which we can have another conversation at another time, was more important than the virus and the outbreak.” 

As McCain went on, Goldberg again shut her down with, “No one has said that! Listen, you want to fight about it, we can fight about it, but that’s not what’s been said.” When McCain then complained about Behar arguing to vote all Republicans out of office, Goldberg shot back, “That’s her opinion!” 

McCain came back with, “My opinion is that’s ridiculous!”

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