‘We Were Over’: Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith Discuss Previous Separation And Jada’s Relationship With August Alsina!


TheRoot.com, By Tonya Renee Stidhum, Posted July 14th 2020

In a surprise drop reminiscent of Beyoncé releasing her self-titled album, the much-anticipated episode where Jada Pinkett Smith finally addressed the controversy surrounding her reported relationship with August Alsina released on Facebook Watch this Friday afternoon.

Last Tuesday, August Alsina published a video from his recent sit-down with Angela Yee for a very…

 “I brought myself to the table last week but decided to hold the episode out of respect for the far more important situations that have been happening around us,” Jada tweeted once the episode was live on Facebook.

Right as the episode faded in, it was immediately apparent that Jada wasn’t alone at the infamous red table and was instead joined by her husband, Will Smith.

The two got right to it, with Pinkett Smith immediately confirming that a statement was released on her behalf, but also confirming it was not from her. Both admitted they intentionally decided not to make any immediate statements, despite seeing all of the headlines and discussions.

“But now, Black Twitter has claimed it as [their] business,” Smith joked.

Jada recalled that when she met August approximately four-and-a-half years ago, they developed a very close friendship, which ultimately evolved into something more. Jada and Will then confirmed that they were separated at the time.

“We were over,” Jada said.

“We were separated, amicably,” Will reinforced.

Jada then went on to say that she was in an “entanglement” with August, who she commonly referred to as “Aug.” After some prodding from Will, though, Jada used the word “relationship.” Jada admitted that August was “really, really sick” at the time that they met and she believed that her relationship with him may have been a situation where one tries to fix their own childhood trauma by attempting to fix someone else’s.

Will, who noted that they were 25 years in the game and never kept secrets from each other, did admit he had conflicting feelings about Jada and August’s turn of relationship.

“I wasn’t sure I was even going to speak to you again,” Will admitted.

Though the two didn’t agree on whether or not what Jada did was a “transgression” (she doesn’t think so; he does), they did both agree that this very challenging aspect of their marriage journey got them to a place where they knew without a doubt that they had each other’s back.

“You have to go through some shit to get the answers,” Jada concluded.

“We ride together, we die together, bad marriage for life!” the two joked (using a Bad Boys reference), followed with a loving dap.

To watch the full episode, head to facebook.com.

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