Lenny Kravitz Can Break Every Style ‘Rule’ And Still Look Cool As Hell!


Yahoo.com, By Avidan Grossman-ESQUIRE, Posted July 16th 2020

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Okay, yes, two posts on Lenny Kravitz in just within a week is a whole lot of Lenny, but c’mon: Is anyone really complaining? I mean, look at the man.

In an interview with Forbes, the founders of Twice—a new DTC toothpaste brand (?!) focused on making oral care a central talking point in the health conversation—discussed the origins of the idea and how Kravitz himself ended up coming on as a partner. And sure, the backstory, involving an emotional trip to Kravitz’s hometown of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, is compelling, but what really caught my eye was Kravitz’s fucking fit.

Because while his co-founders posed in branded Twice tees and various shades of athleisure—a.k.a. the uniform of would-be Silicon Valley darlings the world over—Kravitz came through in a double-denim number so good I almost spit out my lunch. In a classic jean shirt and some well-worn denim (worn sans shoes, naturally), the man couldn’t look more like the rule-breaking style renegade he is. Double denim? Bootcut jeans?! While barefoot?!?! Kravitz is shooting for a strangely compelling trifecta of red flags here, and pulling it off with expected aplomb. (And that’s not even delving into stuff like knotting your shirt—gasp—or styling all the aforementioned shit together.)

If this is some late stage capitalism marketing schtick it’s working, because Kravitz’s take on the Canadian tuxedo is a—minty, I imagine—breath of fresh air in a startup landscape populated by founders who all too frequently look like they’re subscribed to the same outdated manual on how to dress today.

Per Forbes, Twice hopes to break into the market by transforming brushing your teeth “from a mundane routine into a beloved ritual you’ll look forward to” every day. With Kravitz leading the way, the same should be said about getting dressed.

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