Kanye’s Harriet Tubman Rant Showcases His Dire Psychiatric Needs!


YourBlackWorld.net., By Victor Trammell, Posted August 3rd 2020

There is one critical thing that has been known by the general public (fans and non-fans alike) since 2016: Rapper/producer Kanye West is mentally unwell.

It all started when the now 43-year-old musician and clothier underwent a surgical procedure in that year. He was also clinically diagnosed as bipolar in 2016. During this key year in West’s life, he went under the knife for liposuction, according to a TMZ Live interview he conducted sometime after the operation. He opened up to his tabloid news interviewer about how getting liposuction led to a dangerous addiction to prescription painkillers.

“I was drugged the f— out. I was drugged out. I was on opioids. Two days after I got off opioids, I’m in the hospital. Two days before going to the hospital, I was on opioids. I was addicted to opioids. I had plastic surgery because I was trying to look good for y’all. [I] didn’t want y’all to call me fat,” West told TMZ Live.

Not long after West underwent surgery, he experienced a total mental breakdown, which prompted the hip-hop superstar to overmedicate. At some point, West began taking nearly 10 opioid pills a day instead of the two per day that his prescription called for. This led to an overwhelming chemical dependency that got so bad, West mentioned it in a guest appearance on the hit rap song “Watch.”

“Wanna know how pain feels? I got off my main pills/Bet my wifey stay close, she know I’m on my Bezos/Opioid addiction, pharmacy’s the real trap/Sometimes I feel trapped, Jordan with no Phil Jack,” West rapped on Travis Scott’s 2018-released record.

In addition to rapping about his woes of drug addiction and mental illness, West subsequently went on a press run to talk with David Letterman and others about his trials.

“If you don’t take medication every day to keep you at a certain state, you have a potential to ramp up and it can take you to a point where you can even end up in the hospital. And you start acting erratic, as TMZ would put it,” West told Letterman, according to CNN.

The antics that West publicly exhibits nowadays make the aforementioned quote by him even more critical. His recently reported ascension to billionaire status and the presumably ill-fated presidential run he announced earlier this month would be good news; if West were a mentally-stable person who lacks the serious problems he has.

However, since he is a clinically bipolar person who has struggled with opioid abuse, these recent catapults into the white-hot glow of American fame should be major causes for concern. West’s July 19, 2020 “campaign rally” in South Carolina provided proof that the “Through the Wire” hitmaker needs time away from the spotlight, not inside it.

“Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people,” West dubiously ranted during his incoherent “campaign speech” in South Carolina over the weekend.

As expected, the contemporary black-owned media crowd has publicly lambasted West for his erratic comment. They deem it a big slap in the face of a late great black American historical icon and slavery abolitionist. However, West’s obviously misguided comments probably point lesser to his own ignorance of black history and more toward the fact that he currently needs some very serious help.

West’s celebrity wife, Kim Kardashian, told Vogue Magazine that her clinically bipolar husband has opted out of taking prescribed medication for his mental disorder.

“It is an emotional process, for sure. Right now everything is really calm. But we can definitely feel episodes coming, and we know how to handle them. For him, being on medication is not really an option, because it just changes who he is,” the socialite told the magazine in 2019.

Treating bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses can be done effectively without the use of prescribed medications. However, the problem, in West’s case, is that he originally went through with taking prescribed psychiatric meds after he was first diagnosed as bipolar.

For some patients, “weaning off” their doctor-prescribed psychiatric drugs involves self-medicating with other substances, such as alcohol or street narcotics. This can spell a recipe for disaster, which may lead to repeated hospitalizations and even death. Someone who is truly in West’s corner must intervene and impose a positive will as the billion-dollar hip-hopper continues to blindly sprint toward the edge of a social cliff.

If not, we could be witnessing the beginning of the premature end of yet another American superstar’s life; sooner rather than later.

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