City Officials Ban Prohibited Items For Presidential Debate Zone!


As President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden prepare for tomorrow’s debate in Cleveland, the city’s board of control has approved an extensive list of prohibited items that will not be allowed in the Presidential Debate event zone over a three-day period, the city announced Friday.

City officials said that the event zone is designated as E. 79th St. to Stokes Blvd. and Hough to Cedar Ave. surrounding the Cleveland Clinic main campus. The newly passed regulations go into effect on at 12:01 a.m. on Monday and will end 6 a.m. on Wednesday. The debate is scheduled for the evening of Sept. 29.

The following items prohibited in the public spaces such as streets and sidewalks of this area include:

  • Lumber larger than 2″ in width and ¼” thick, including supports for signs
  • Metal, plastic, or other hard material larger than ¾” thick and 1/8″ in wall thickness including pipe and tubing
  • Any air rifle, air pistol, paintball gun, blasting caps, switchblade or automatic knife, knife having a blade two and one-half (2-1/2) inches in length or longer, cestus, billy, blackjack, sword, saber, hatchet, axe, slingshot, BB gun, pellet gun, wrist shot, blackjack, metal knuckles, nun chucks, mace, iron buckle, axe handle, shovel, or other instrumentality used to cause property or personal damage
  • Any dangerous ordinance, weapon, or firearm that is prohibited by state law
  • Any explosives, explosive device, or incendiary device
  • Fireworks and rockets
  • Sound amplification equipment
  • Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
  • Containers of bodily fluids
  • Aerosol cans
  • Mace, Pepper Spray or other chemical irritant
  • Umbrellas with metal tips
  • Any projectile launchers, such as water guns and water cannons
  • Rope, chain, cable, strapping, wire, string, line, tape, or any similar material, in greater than 6′ lengths
  • Glass bottles, ornaments, light bulbs, ceramic vessels, and anything else frangible, regardless of whether the container holds any substance
  • Locks including, without limitation, padlocks, bicycle locking devices, chain locks, or similar devices, but not including: an integral component of a conveyance or structure; locks when utilized by the owner of private real property to secure permanent or temporary fencing or locks attached to a bicycle
  • Tents and other shelters, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, mattresses, cots, hammocks, bivy sacks, or stoves
  • Coolers or ice chests
  • Backpacks and bags exceeding the size of 18″ x 13″ x 7″
  • Lasers
  • Non-plastic containers, bottles, cans, or thermoses
  • Ladders
  • Grappling hooks, sledgehammers, hammers, and crowbars
  • Canned goods

The city has announced that law enforcement will work diligently and cooperatively to ensure the safety and security of all residents of and visitors to Cleveland and the event zone and throughout the city’s neighborhoods. Officials said they recognize citizens’ First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful demonstration and will support those who choose to voice their opinions in a lawful manner. Violence and illegal activity will not be tolerated.

Residents and visitors alike are asked to report illegal and suspicious behavior to police. Information and crime tips can be provided to CrimeStoppers by calling 216-25-CRIME.

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