MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: It’s Now Possible to Rent A Whole AMC Theater For Just $99! By Victor Omondi, Posted October 27th 2020

AMC is losing money, and in a bid to recover a little of what has been lost so far, the theatre chain is pulling out all of the spots, and putting together the movie theatre rental game. With only $99, you can host a personal screening or turn it into a private party for a maximum of 20 people.

AMC offers a list of movies to watch on its website that one can select for their showing on the chain’s newly branded Safe & Clean™ auditoriumYou only book the theatre via a schedule and time. While not every AMC chain is doing this, the website provides dozens of different options to choose from.

Once you fill the form on their website, it will take at least three business days for someone to get back to you. You can only watch from the selection they have to offer. They’ve got movies such as Shrek, The Conjuring, Coco, and many more. What you pay for depends on the type of movie you choose. 

However, it’s still not clear whether they will be allowing people to rent the theatre for private showings of new releases.

AMC said that its “existing cash resources would be largely depleted by the end of 2020 or early 2021,” in case the current economic trends persist.

This new strategy is one of the safest ways to get people back into the cinemas. According to AMC, the pandemic has left them with a reduced slate of movie releases for the remaining part of the year, and that the release dates may keep moving. 

“Certain competitors have decided to temporarily re-close their theatres in light of the ongoing pandemic and the reduced slate of movie releases, which may further exacerbate the trend,” the company went on to say.

While they’re not quite certain about what the future holds, they’re hopeful that this rental strategy will help keep the doors open during the difficult time. 

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