La La Anthony: ‘Proud To Be Black. Proud To Be Puerto Rican!’

LALA ANTHONY AS LAKEISHA GRANT IN ‘POWER’, By Felice Leon, Posted November 5th 2020

“I’m Black and that’s what Afro-Latina means to me.” — La La Anthony Actress!

For actor La La Anthony, there is no separating her Blackness from her identity. After all, the Black and Puerto Rican actor knew from the outset that she was just that—Black and Puerto Rican.

In her career, the Power star worked toward ensuring that audiences see diverse representations of Latinx people—and Anthony has a message for those anti-Black forces within Latinidad: Educate yourselves.

“There’s so much misinformation and so many Spanish people that don’t want to identify with African culture or don’t want to identify with being Black, and don’t understand that we’re all Black.”

Anthony describes her culture as rich and vast, one that she holds dear. “It makes me proud to be Afro-Latina. Proud to be Black. Proud to be Puerto Rican,” she stressed.

In this episode of La Negritud, watch actor La La Anthony share the sincere pride that she takes in being Afro-Latina.

Felice León

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