Franklin County Health Commissioner Weighs In On Level 4 Status!


COVID-19 is not slowing down, especially in Franklin County where there is severe spread and exposure of the virus.

Franklin County is the first Ohio county to reach the purple level on the COVID-19 advisory map. Now, many central Ohio schools have decided to go to remote learning. OSU has also decided to move to remote classes starting Friday at 6 p.m.

Franklin County Health Commissioner Joe Mazzola says it won’t be easy getting out of purple, but he believes people will step up. 

“I am confident,” Mazzola said. “I am confident we will

Franklin County Public Health announced a stay-at-home advisory on Wednesday, and Mazzola believes it will work if people adhere to it.

“What we wanted to do yesterday was really get ahead of that announcement to ensure and advise residents that right now is a very critical situation for our community,” he said.

But he wants to remind everyone that it’s not just the cases health officials are paying attention to in the county and beyond.

“We have to keep in mind the bigger picture here and that is the surge in hospitalizations,” Mazzola said. 

With hospitals overwhelmed, he says this stay-at-home advisory and the statewide curfew can alleviate some stress on the healthcare system. 

“It really is, at the end of the day, our individual choices we make every day collectively,” he said.

But as cases and hospitalizations continue to surge, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel.

 “Unlike the spring, unlike the summer where we couldn’t see the end, we can see the end now and we just got to get there,” Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said referring to promising vaccines trials.

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