Questlove Triggered After A “Karen” Approached Him About Owning His New Home!, By Victor Omondi, Posted November 20th 2020

Co-founder of the iconic hip-hop band The Roots, Questlove, opened up about a “Karen” incident as soon as he occupied his new home. Taking to social media, Questlove revealed that he “got Karen’d” shortly after he moved into his dream home. 

“Walked in my brand new house & not even 60 secs later….got Karen’d #NotTodaySatan,” Questlove began Sunday in a series of tweets.

He went on to say that getting a new home was an exciting chapter in his life and listed all the blessings that got him to a place where settling down made sense. 

“ In my best relationship, getting my act together (health/business/life goals)–the happiest I’ve ever been. figuring out where do I wanna “grow old” was a long process in the making especially in the light of covid (took a year for me to find and fall in love w this house),” he wrote.

However, before Questlove could finish daydreaming about the memories he would build in his new home, a white neighbor approached him with two dogs. Seemingly suspicious of his presence in the area, he demanded to know whether Questlove owned the property. 

 “It was fake passive aggressive politeness/nosey neighbor/audicity/aloofness—sh*t ruined my day so much I came back to my old apt just to let a week go by to let this anger go,” he continued. “I don’t even know why I’m posting this. I’m just tired of this sh*t. I am man. just tired.”

It was yet another incident of racial bias and like many Blacks, Questlove couldn’t keep quiet about it. 

“A neighbor took it upon himself to come inside my house to see if I owned it. Showed him out and shut the door in his face,” he said, in conclusion, to make it clear that racial bias was a factor in his interaction with the neighbors. 

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