Angie Stone Says She Went Through Disheartening Body Shaming While Dating D’ Angelo!, By Victor Omondi, Posted December 31st 2020

Angie Stone suffered from diabetes, and, at the peak of it, her weight shot to a worrying 300 pounds. What some would call ironical is that it’s during that time that she was dating D’ Angelo, a figure many consider a ‘sex symbol.’ While some may have expected their relationship to crumble because of her plus size, Angelo became the man he’d made up his mind to be, staying by Stone’s side regardless of what the public thought.

As she was struggling with her weight, many online critics body shamed her, some going as far as talking negatively about her skin tone.

“It was a cruel reality,” she revealed in a recent interview with FOX Soul. “Because of the weight issue. And because I was a dark skin girl with full lips. To them that didn’t go together. What they didn’t understand is that he was overweight at one point. They just didn’t see that part.”

The public didn’t know what Angie was going through. She chose to suffer in silence after receiving a positive Type 2 diabetes in 1999. She also had to deal with high blood pressure and sarcoidosis.

Her weight gain was caused by steroid medication that she was undergoing. Despite her weight challenges, received strength from her relationship with Angelo, who’d also gone through his own challenge with weight.

Unfortunately, their relationship started going through the storm around “How Does It Feel.” That notwithstanding, Stone says she still loves the “Voodoo” star, terming her feelings for him as the ‘purest’ love that never fades.

“I am now diabetic-free,” she said. “And I don’t care how fat they want me to be, I am fine now because I’m healthier.”

Stone continues with her music career, releasing her Full Circle album in 2019. The album has received accolades from many quarters, with reviewers praising it for its rich content, also saying it’s a neo-soul masterpiece that delivers nostalgic vibes.

Whether the two, who share a son, will work things out to restore their relationship isn’t clear just yet.

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