MARTIN LUTHER KING CELEBRATIONS: SiTG Baseball Stories Vol. I: A Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!


Top Row (Left to Right): Archie Ware, Johnnie Cowan, Al Smith, Jesse Williams, Joe Atkins, Willie Grace   Clyde Nelson, Louis Kellman  and Sam Jethroe
Bottom Row (Left to Right):  Clyde “Lefty” Williams and Quincy Trouppe

Negro Baseball League, Posted January 11th 2020

The Community Cup Classic Foundation, Josh Gibson Foundation, Lifeline Sports and the Partnership proudly present another year of events.

Date and Time

Sat, January 16, 2021

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST

About this Event

Along with paying tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. King, this program will launch our series of multi-generational programs and activities showcasing the challenging, historic, and triumphant legacy of baseball’s Negro Leagues and the African American experience in baseball. The 2021 programs will highlight how these experiences reflect American society and culture in general, to bring awareness to how the past is always with us – to teach us, and to provide inspiration and encouragement to those facing similar challenges today.

We are thankful to the Cuyahoga County Arts and Culture Council for funds to support our efforts. As a result all programs are free.

Donations to support the community and youth efforts of the Community Cup Classic Foundation and Josh Gibson Foundation are welcome .

The virtual login information will be provided to you after you register for the program.

For more information on the partners, you can register here of visit our websites:

Community Cup Classic Foundation

Josh Gibson Foundation

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