En Vouge Claims Luther Vandross Once Called The Cops On Them!


YourBlackWorld.net, By Victor Omondi, Posted January 19th 2021

Rumors have had it that En Vogue went through hell while on tour with Luther Vandross in the early 90s. Dawn Robinson has now confirmed these rumors to be true, saying the legend even called the police on them for walking past his dressing room.

In an interview with Discussion N Things, Robinson said things weren’t easy for the group. She revealed that even the signing of the contract came with challenges and alarms. The agreement had Vandross dictating what they wear and what not to wear. He made a list of the things he didn’t want, specifying some colors, flashy clothing, and sequins. He concluded by stressing that no member of the crew was to wear clothing that attracts light. Despite all these, the girls still signed the contract with the hope that things wouldn’t be as bad as they seemed.

During the tour, things only got too much for the group to the extent that he monitored their dress rehearsals. To make matters worse, he even called the police on them for disobeying one of his orders. At some point, the girls were left with no choice but to disregard some of the rules as they made their way to the stage.

“He called the police on us when we were in Miami because he said we walked past his door to go to the stage. He wanted us to take a cart and have one of those golf carts drive us around to the front of the venue of the Coliseum, with all the fans mind you at the concession stands buying stuff. He wanted us to drive through the hallway, go to the front of the building and walk down the steps past all the fans and walk to the stage. Do not pass my door,” she said.

However, Robinson says the only person she felt was to blame was their manager. According to her, Vandross may have been ruthless with them, but the blame for a lousy contract lies with their then manager.

She concluded by saying, “He had a vision and this was his show. Yeah, he was mean to us. It was very rough. But we learned a lot from him and he was amazing. I wouldn’t change anything.”

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