Steve Harvey Says He’s Got His ‘Eye On’ Daughter Lori Harvey’s Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan!, By Lauren Edmonds-INSIDER, Posted February 8th 2021

Steve Harvey fired a playful warning at his daughter Lori Harvey’s new boyfriend, Micheal B. Jordan.

While speaking on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the “Family Feud” host divulged his opinion on the budding romance for the first time.

“I like this one,” Steve admitted, before adding, “I still got my eye on him.”

Romance rumors swirled after photos of Lori and the “Black Panther” star showed them vacationing together in St. Barts over Thanksgiving.

“I mean, I like him but like I say to all of ’em, ‘I might like you, I might approve of you, but I got a thumb-size section of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred for your a–,” Steve said.

“Just in case I need it.” he continued. “Like right now? Nice guy…but I got this little section partner, where all I gotta do is click a switch and I can hate your a–.”

The television host also used the opportunity to tease Jordan about his new title as “Sexiest Man Alive” from People.

“Because you ain’t the sexiest man in the world to me! Let’s be clear about that!” Steve said.

Jordan and Lori confirmed their relationship earlier this month after fans speculated about the couple online. On January 10, they both shared intimate photos of each other to their Instagram accounts.

Lori is the daughter of Marjorie Elaine Harvey, who married Steve in 2007 and is his third wife. Steve adopted Lori and her two biological siblings.

A source told People how the couple has taken a low-key approach to their relationship and valued private time together.

“In the past she quickly posted social media pictures with guys that she was dating,” the source added. “With Michael she has tried a different approach.”