Method Man’s Wife Responds to Wendy Williams’ Claims That She Had A One Night Stand With The Rapper, By Victor Omondi, Posted February 18th 2021

n an interview this month hosted by DJ Suss One, TV personality Wendy Williams narrated how she smoked blunt, had a one-night stand with Method Man, and even drove in an SUV to her penthouse together.

Wendy added that Method Man was still angry with her for being herself and opening up about things. From the look of things, the events between Williams and Method Man may have happened between 2001 and 2006. Since this is the period when Method Man married his wife Tamika Smith, and the time when Wendy opened up to the public about Smith’s heath issue, which she had kept private from her family.

Shade Room mentioned that Smith responded to Williams’ claims. She said she had proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Williams is obsessed with their lives and is unable to portray any kind of decency. She added that Williams had made it a norm over the past years to target her husband to elevate the ratings of her Wendy Williams TV show and her exhausting career.

“In an obvious attempt to increase ratings for her sad biopic, her struggling TV show, and her burnt-out career, Wendy has once again targeted my husband,” Smith said. “It’s a pattern that she has repeated for years.”

She further pointed out that Wendy wasn’t remorseful for violating her privacy by publicly disclosing her health condition.

According to Smith, Wendy was laboring with lots of issues, including low self-esteem and self-hate. She then fired a shot at Williams that no amount of plastic surgery could fix her ugliness. She said Williams’ problems and plastic surgeries have made her uglier from the inside and outside.

Method Man, on the other hand, commented on Williams’ expose of Smith’s health condition saying he loved to keep such issues private. He confirmed that Smith was indeed ill. Method also went ahead to thank Williams for bringing out the issue to the public, adding that everything was kept private until Williams spilled the beans.

At the time of writing this piece, Method Man hasn’t publicly commented about Williams’ claim that the two of them had a one-night stand.

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