Chico DeBarge Charged With DUI, Drug Possession, Also Impersonated His Brother!, By Victor Omondi, Posted February 25th 2021

Jonathan “Chico” DeBarge, 54, has once again been nabbed for drug possession. This has been his tale for years, only that this time he’s had a few more charges to defend himself against.

As reported by TMZ, the ‘80s R&B star was found driving at night with the headlights off during a traffic stop on January 13, 2021. Besides, he didn’t have any license plates. To make matters worse, he’d no identity on himself. Law enforcement officers pulled him over in Burbank, California. Well, this was just the beginning of his trouble with the men in blue.

Reports by Burbank PD indicate that Chico didn’t carry with him any identification material so he chose to use the name of his 57-year-old brother James DeBarge. James DeBarge is a fellow member of the singing group DeBarge. He’s Chico’s elder brother, and the guy who, for about a year, was married to Janet Jackson. They kept their marriage on the down-low, though.

According to TMZ, Chico was arrested after officers found methamphetamines and heroin on him. He was in the company of two female passengers. He passed as his brother the entire time until when the officers were booking him.

Chico was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of drugs, false impersonation, and drug possession. He was out on bond on Friday, January 22, 2021, after spending 10 days in jail. 

This wasn’t Chico’s first time in jail, though. He’s been arrested several times before, especially for his struggle with substance abuse and addiction. In the ‘90s, Chico was behind bars for drug trafficking. Even though he’d risen to fame after releasing his ‘Long Time No See’ album, his struggle with drug addiction pulled messed up his career.

In 2007, Chico was arrested for drug possession. Come 2019, he was arrested for the same charges, and accused of breaking into his own car at a Walmart parking lot after forgetting the keys in the car. The cops later found out that it was his car, but, too bad for Chico, they found meth on him.