Verzuz, ‘You Are Love’ For Your Upcoming Lineup And The ‘Reasons’ Include The Isley Brothers And Earth, Wind & Fire!

FEATURED PHOTO: ‘MR. BIG’ RON ISLEY, By Tonya Renee Stidhum, Posted March 30th 2021

If the last Raekwon Verzuz Ghostface Killah battle didn’t already bring enough ruckus, Verzuz (and its new parent company, Triller Network) has quite the lineup coming for us!

“We couldn’t be happier to be elevating Verzuz and Triller and to recognize, in a very real way, all of the artists who have helped make Verzuz the global phenomenon it is today,” Verzuz co-founders Swizz Beatz and Timbaland said in a statement when the huge acquisition news was announced earlier this month. “Our dream, the artists’ dream, today is realized, which is no small feat. Triller Verzuz is a company that’s by the artists, for the artists and with the people.”

Elevation is right because soon after this weekend’s show wrapped, the official Verzuz account posted the following lineup on their social media accounts:

Do you see what I see?! The Isley Brothers Verzuz Earth Wind & Fire?! They really pulled that off?! The show will be going down on April 4, also known as this year’s Easter Sunday. Also, someone please check on Staff Writer and EWF stan Jay Connor to see if he’s gotten up off the floor yet.

The lockdown entertainment platform even did a well-placed callback to a fan posting their wish for this very battle to happen back in December.

Naturally, right after recovering from pure shock and joy, everyone in Black Twitter immediately announced what they’re going to wear to this upcoming event because…it’s not a game, y’all.

Yes, even me…


That’s not all, though! Verzuz is also scheduling some aptly…high entertainment for April 20 (also known as 4/20) and bringing back the Wu-Tang energy with Redman Verzuz Method Man, themed “How High” after their 2001 movie, which is still probably the most ridiculous movie I’ve ever seen.

If you thought that was it, Verzuz also had us all guessing because apparently there’s an upcoming lineup featuring special themed nights such as “Mother’s Day,” “Rematch,” and “Ladies Night” with the names of the scheduled acts blurred out, enticing us with a bit of mystery. To be completely honest, seeing the “Mother’s Day” night not only sparked a guessing game but made me realize we did this last year (though it was postponed due to the shocking and tragic news of Andre Harrell’s death), which also reminds me once again that we’ve been held captive in this lockdown shit for a year and some change! Complicated feelings!

Speaking of Babyface, will the “Rematch” be Teddy Riley vs. Babyface for obvious technical reasons? Or perhaps Nelly vs. Ludacris for those very same reasons (though the latter wasn’t as fun to discuss, so maybe they deserve one)? Will “Ladies Night” consist of the actual ladies of hip-hop from the epic music video (R.I.P. to Left Eye)? With Verzuz, the possibilities truly are endless. We’ll be ready!

Tonja Renée Stidhum

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