‘She Is Wayyy Too Grown To Be Posting Something Like This’: Fans Critique Keyshia Cole’s Latest Post About Her Boyfriend. Cole Claps Back!

YourBlackWorld.net, By Victor Omondi, Posted April 26th 2021

Keyshia Cole is apparently enjoying her new relationship and doesn’t seem to condone any haters whatsoever.

On April 13, Cole shared a video gushing about a hickey her boyfriend had left on her neck after kissing her. She went ahead to express that she wanted the hickey redder, writing in the video, “Next time make it darker bae Issa vibe.” 


Cole has been hesitant in revealing the identity of her boyfriend, something which fans can’t wait to discover. Some nosy fans seem to already have tracked down his Instagram account, however. Cole is seemingly enjoying her privacy about the issue, even as she drops videos of her boo from time to time while hiding his face.

However, after her recent post about the hickey, it turns out that many fans were annoyed rather than excited. 

“She is wayyy too grown to be posting something like this,” one person said, and another, “That is not a vibe. That’s high school asl,” while a third person said, “It’s giving midlife crisis.”

It didn’t take long before Cole came across the critiquing comments. Taking to Twitter, she wrote, “How can u be too old for a hickey ?? You b- – – – -s crazy. And whoever said it. F- -k ya! #Respectfully.”

After this, Cole seems to have been watching for any negative comments to clap back. 

One person even brought Cole’s sons to perspective, writing, “It’s not that your too old for a hickey , but that fact you felt the need to post it , was VERY childish ! especially when you have kids & are in the public eye like that! @KeyshiaCole.”

Cole tagged this comment and wrote, “The f- -k my kids got to do with my hickey? They hovers because y’all was f-cking! I’m sorry, making love.”

Most of Cole’s clap back messages were spiced with smile emojis, tongue, and laughing emojis, to show how much she wouldn’t have hard feelings about her haters’ comments and how she wouldn’t let anyone run her show.