Van Hunt On His Relationship With Halle Berry: “It’s Improved Every Aspect Of My Life. I’m A Completely Different Person!”, ByVictor Omondi, Posted May 14th 2021

Van Hunt and Halle Berry have reportedly been in a six-month-old relationship. Through the period, the couple has shared photos from time to time, showing the times they’ve spent together, including a winter vacation.

Recently, during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Hunt opened up about how good the relationship with the Oscar-winning actress is taking him. 

He went on to detail out how Berry has improved his life in aspects like music and parenting. When asked about how the relationship affects his music, he said, “In more ways than I can even tell you right now. I could show you rather than I could tell you, and I will show you really soon, I promise. … The inspiration for our relationship goes across everything, even in my parenting. I’m a completely different person, I can say it like that, and I think that it’s improved every aspect of my life.”

Hunt also touched on his fifty-first birthday, which dates 3 weeks ago, and the kind of treat that Berry and her family gave him. 

He said, “Their family has this ritual where, and I don’t think she would mind me saying it, they get together and have just a small acknowledgement of the day and so they, you know, they immersed me into that and welcomed me into that, and it was just beautiful. It was just thoughtful and considerate and sweet, and that’s really the kind of person that she is, so, it was beautiful.”

On March 8, Hunt took to Instagram to express appreciation for the birthday wishes and to celebrate his late mother and Berry for International Women’s day. He wrote, “thank you for the bday wishes. it’s so special to share a small part of International Women’s Day with the date of my birth. every day on every continent is IWD. special thanks and tribute to my Momma and to Halle.”

Berry on the other hand called him a real man. “A real woman can do it all by herself, but a real MAN won’t let her. Happy birthday VanO. I only wish I’d known you sooner so I could have loved you longer!” she wrote on Instagram.

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