Aldis Hodge’s ‘Black Adam’ Workout Puts The Rock On Notice!, By Brett Williams-NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS MEDICINE, Posted May 21st 2021

Most superhero movies have one standout muscled-up character—but DC’s upcoming Black Adam film, which is currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, has a Murderer’s Row of super-powered physiques angling for attention.

“The thing I’ve got to say about this production: everybody’s fit, from the top down” says Aldis Hodge, the prolific actor who will portray Hawkman in DC universe. But the commitment of the cast, whose social media training exploits have already captured the public’s attention and includes Noah Centino and The Rock himself, is only a positive factor the drives Hodge to work harder. “There’s so much inspiration walking around set 24/7 that it keeps me motivated, keeps me hype, and keeps me focused.”

When you’re training to match up with Dwayne Johnson, you’ve got your work cut out for you. But Hodge is up to the challenge—and he more than looks the part. The actor’s focus was less on competing with his brawny cast mate and more on embodying the Hawkman character properly for the film. “This brother is ripped,” says Hodge of the superhero. “He’s a tank. So I definitely had to kick up my whole workout regimen in a completely different way.”

Photo credit: Men’s Health

The MH crew caught up with the actor in Atlanta at the DSA Sports Performance training facility to walk through his chest day workout routine to see what that focus entailed. Hodge works through some heavy press maneuvers that aren’t for lifting acolytes, so any beginners looking to recreate the workout should take note and only stick to the basics.

Aldis Hodge’s Black Adam Hawkman Chest Day Workout

  • Fanbike

3 to 4 rounds of 10 seconds pace, 10 seconds sprint, then 30 seconds pace, 30 seconds sprint

  • Bench Press

Multiple sets with plate press, unilateral barbell dips

  • Incline Dumbbell Press

Mixed sets of standard and alternating reps

Core Circuit

  • Toes to Bar
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Rainbow Leg Raise
  • Cable Flys

From bottom and top positions, with eccentric focus

‘Black Adam’ hits theaters July 29th 2022