How Racial Diversification Has Been Dragging in “Housewives” Franchise, Presses Andy Cohen About It, By Victor Omondi, Posted June 3rd 2021

Andy Cohen became a household name after his “Real Housewives of Atlanta” series recorded great success in 2008 before it rolled out in other locations, including New York, New Jersey, and Orange County.

While the show has been widely celebrated, there has been something noticeable, and many fans began to question it. Every release of a new episode of the series outside of the Atlanta segment has been clearly lacking in Black women cast members, save for last year when, at least, actress Garcelle Beauvais became the first ever Black housewife to feature in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Clearly unhappy with the lack of diversity in the franchise, Beauvais, a former “The Jamie Foxx Show” star, pressed Cohen to explain why it was taking too long to diversity the franchise cast.

“Because we had to wait for the perfect one, Garcelle,” Cohen said in response to Beauvais question when he appeared on the “Going to Bed with Garcelle” podcast on Thursday, May 20.

He continued, “I think part of the things is, I think that it was a bad cycle because then the longer you waited the more you wanted to get it absolutely perfect when you did cast a woman of color. You wanted that person to succeed.”

Cohen further said there were several considerations of Black women in the past, but because of the prevailing desire “to get it right,” the decision making process became quite challenging, seeing the potential candidates scrapped off the list.

He, however, admitted that “the true answer is there is no excuse. It’s bad and there is not an excuse, and so I could spitball here and try to come up with twenty, but it sucks and there’s no excuse.”

Speaking to “E!” after she was inducted into the season 10 cast of the Beverly Hills segment, Beauvais expressed her elation, saying, “I think it’s about time.” She added, “I think we all want to see ourselves represented in all aspects of life, right? So I think when they came to me, the timing was right, and I was happy. I was happy to get on board.”

There is hope that things will change for the better, especially after “The Real Housewives of New York” this month welcomed its first Black cast member, Eboni K. Williams, an attorney and host of Revolt TV’s new show and co-host of “Holding Court” podcast.

Williams has expressed his joy after landing the new post.