LL Cool J Does Not Like His New Title of “Forefather of Pop Rap!”

YourBlackWorld.net, By Victor Omondi, Posted June 14th 2021

LL Cool J got a new title, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Fans nicknamed the 53-year-old artist Forefather of Pop Rap, with what they term as valid reasons. However, LL Cool J says he doesn’t understand what people mean with ‘Forefather of Pop Rap.’

LL took to Twitter to express his dislike and skepticism over the title. He wrote, “Me being called the forefather of pop-rap is very confusing. What the f–k are you talking about ?? LOL.”

LL, who has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years, doesn’t think the label is appropriate for him. The “I’m Bad” artist certainly doesn’t believe that his work should be under Pop Rap.

Social media users have, however, come out strongly to defend his title. Some of the fans went further to shed light on why the title fits the rapper. 

One Twitter user responded to LL’s tweet in a bid to clarify that his songs paved the way to the Pop rap we have today. “Popular Raps, Yes.. I Need Love, I’m Bad, Rock the Bell, I’m going back to Cali, Doing it. Yes it was Popular Raps because it was just RAP,” The Twitter user wrote. “Wasnt gangster, mafioso, trap or street introvert. If was just popular.” 

“Probably home in their rooms, staring at the wall. In the back of their minds they maybe heard their conscience call. Just spitballing. 4321 reasons why they are wrong,” wrote a second user, citing LL’S hit single “I Need Love.”

Some fans seem to agree with Cool J, saying that the Forefather of Pop Rap label is a little bit demeaning and is a mislabel.

“Only someone who chooses to be willfully ignorant of the culture and its history would even dare say something like that,” said one person. “Spectacular vernacular miraculous raw shyt scooped off the concrete make a hit. That’s pop-rap? Fuggedaboutit.”

LL might be having a hard time finding the association between his music and the title. However, the Grammy-Award-winning artist can be credited as the first rap artist to produce “soft” rap.

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