Don Cheadle’s Confused Reaction To Emmy Nomination Is All Of Us!, By Shanelle Genai, Posted July 20th 2021

Many online were both happy yet bewildered by the Black Monday actor’s recognition.

Last Tuesday, nominations for the 2021 Emmys were revealed. While there were any well-deserved and arguably long overdue recognitions (looking at you I May Destroy You and Lovecraft Country), one actor’s nomination in particular stood out from the pack.

Don Cheadle, who made a brief cameo appearance as Colonel James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes (aka War Machine) in Marvel’s Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, secured a nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, much to his and several fans’ surprise. Per Complex, many online were questioning and confused as to whether or not the Avengers’ star’s 98-second appearance was worth a nom, especially considering how a big chunk of the series premise revolved around former super-soldier Isaiah Bradley, brilliantly portrayed by Carl Lumbly.

As for Don? He felt the exact same way. Well, kind of.

‘Thanks, well wishers. sorry, haters,” Cheadle tweeted in part after hearing the news. “ I don’t really get it either. buuuuuuuuuut on we go…”

Seeing as how he’s been nominated 11 times over the course of his career, maybe this nomination will finally help Cheadle secure that coveted win, despite the confusing circumstances surrounding it. But even if he doesn’t clench the “W,” he’s still got plenty to celebrate!

According to People, the 56-year-old actor recently tied the knot with longtime partner Brigid Coulter after 28 years. Cheadle first revealed the news to guest host Wanda Sykes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in late June. Over the weekend during the premiere of his new film Space Jam: A New Legacy, the Black Monday star explained the reasoning behind finally getting hitched after all this time, jokingly telling Entertainment Tonight:

“Our accountant proposed to both of us and he showed us the numbers, and we said, yeah, we should probably do it. It came up a lot of times, but every time, we were like, ‘But we’re already together?’ [The accountant said], ‘Yeah, but this is a better reason to be together.’ Really, it’s because our accountant proposed to us. I wish there were some big sweet romantic story, but the romance happened, you know, the first year.”

Coulter added, “You’ve got to make sure. I wasn’t sure. Now, I think I’m almost sure.”

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