After Divorce, Towanda Braxton Says Ex ‘Wasband’ Doesn’t See Their Children!, By Victor Omondi, Posted July 23rd 2021

“Braxton Family Values” star Towanda Braxton has made condemnatory allegations on how tedious it has been co-parenting with ex-husband Andre Carter.

 Carter and Braxton were married for 12 years and share two kids, Booke, a 14-year-old daughter, and Braxton, a 15-year-old son. The duo ended their union in 2017 after Braxton filed for a divorce in 2016. However, now that they are finally divorced, Braxton has decided to speak frankly about her personal life.  

In an interview with Tami Roman on her new podcast, “Get into It with Tami Roman,” Braxton disclosed how she stayed in a toxic relationship and how her new fiancé Sean Hall aided in changing the game. 


Minutes into the interview, Braxton, who now refers to Carter as “wasband,” revealed that Carter was no longer actively involved in their kids’ lives. She expressed how hurt she was that Carter hasn’t met the kids and that he only bumped into his son a year ago and has never seen the daughter for almost three years. 

“I thought that it would be helpful for them to immediately go into counselling. They have to get their feelings out. They have to understand that it’s not their fault because kids will carry on that burden for a long time,” the mother of two added. “I never wanted that for my kids because I’m a product of my parents getting a divorce and it was hard for me. I know that kids can bounce back and they’re resilient but I want to make sure they do it healthily.”

Roman went ahead to inquire from Braxton the reason behind the detachment between Carter and his kids and her response was, “honestly I have to tell you that he told me that if I divorced him, he would just be cordial with the kids. He’s not going to want to have anything to do with the kids.”

The 47-year-old concluded by describing Hall, saying, “He’s amazing. He stepped in and he’s become the father to my kids and he doesn’t have any natural bio kids. He looks at both of them as if they’re his own.”

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