MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: , Karamu House Presents ‘Greenwood An American Dream Destroyed’ On-Demand Access!

Karamu House, Posted July 23rd 2021

One-hundred years ago (beginning May 31, 1921), the Black Wall Street Massacre (also known as the Tulsa Race Massacre) sent mobs of White residents to loot and burn down the entire Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a thriving Black business and residential community. 

In the wake of the violence, 35 city blocks lay in charred ruins, more than 800 were treated for injuries, and as many as 300 people died—and 600 Black, thriving businesses destroyed.

Now, through the support of Bank of America, you can watch the never-before-told story of the Boley family in the world premiere of “Greenwood, an American Dream Destroyed,” from award-winning playwright, Celeste Bedford Walker, and Karamu House, America’s oldest Black producing theatre.

Written by Celeste Bedford Walker
Directed by Tony F. Sias

Run of show now through July 31st

More information available here.

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