Erykah Badu Apologizes To The Obamas For Being A “Bad Guest” At Barack’s 60th Birthday Celebration!, By Victor Omondi, Posted August 24th 2021

The legendary soul singer Erykah Badu has apologized for sharing a video from former President Barack Obama’s private 60th birthday celebration on Martha’s Vineyard.

The singer turned to Twitter to issue a public apology to the former first couple, whom she addressed as “Mr. and Mrs. Obama. “Please forgive me 4 being the ‘terrible guest’ at such a sacred event for your family,” she wrote.

 “I was so inconsiderate,” she added. “Thank you for all your love. What an example of ‘how NOT’ to be.”

One social media user responded, “They made you take down the video and apologize publicly, lol.”

Another user tweeted, “It’s okay. Mistakes happen and sometimes the energy can be so great it causes you to go against the grain. We bounce back.”


Badu had posted a video from the A-list party, which included a glimpse of Obama on the dance floor with musician H.E.R. having a good time. Although Badu eventually removed the video, it was re-posted by gossip websites and other social media users.

“Due to the new spread of the delta variant over the past week, the president and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends,” a spokesperson explained. “President Obama is appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon.”

Due to increased transmission of the COVID-19 Delta strain, the celebration, initially planned to welcome 500 visitors to the Obamas’ opulent Martha’s Vineyard residence, was cut back to 200 people. The celebrity event did have a Hawaiian-luau theme.

Trap Beckham played his famous track “Birthday Bi*ch,” and his manager TJ Chapman uploaded and then erased many recordings he shared of the event. He then uploaded a video of himself talking about it.

Several celebrities attended the event, with most of them uploading photos of themselves before leaving, including Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, who were both nicely dressed.