“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s” Aunt Viv in Hospital With Unknown Health Issues!

YourBlackWorld.net, By Victor Omondi, Posted December 22nd 2021

Actress Janet Hubert, famously known as Aunt Viv, confirmed rumors that she’s been hospitalized. She cleared the air on Instagram but wasn’t sure to state the health issue she was ailing from. Hubert thought of making good use of her hospital visit by sharing a message of how anger can “eat you alive” if you hold it for long. Looking back at her personal life, the 65-year-old wished she’d done it differently by forgiving people and letting go of anger.

The veteran actress thought it was good to share with the rest of the world how anger cost her much in life. She said holding on to anger is a waste of time. While you’ll always have to be wronged as a person, making efforts to look for the truth and love will free you from many issues, according to Hubert.

The 65-year-old shared a photo of herself and Will Smith in last year’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion after years-long feud with the veteran actor.


“Reputation is PRICELESS. I LOVE YOU WILL, for being strong enough to tell [the] truth, and share your hurts and trauma. Now we close the doors and live our lives. PEACE OUT!” Hubert wrote.

“Holding onto anger will eat you alive,” Hubert wrote on Instagram.

Late last month, Hubert posted on Instagram in appreciation for her role on The Last OG. She said although she’s had to encounter many physical challenges like losing yet another brother, she was able to pull off.

“As we prepare to give thanks don’t forget those who are in need. There were moments I fed my son and I didn’t eat, while signing autographs along my escape out of LA. Work is nice, but it is just that,” she added.

The actress spoke of how her anger and unforgiveness almost ruined her career forever. She said, at that time, being a Black female in Hollywood was hard enough. She went on to share how she lost many things including her reputation during her longtime beef with Smith.