Airbnb Cracks Down Harder On New Year’s Eve Parties In Cleveland!

DO THEY DO THIS AT HOME..PROBABLY SO!, By Chris Mosby, Posted December 30th 2021

Northeast Ohioans hoping to book an Airbnb for New Year’s Eve could be out of luck.

Airbnb is further cracking down on New Year’s Eve parties in Northeast Ohio.

The company previously announced plans to tighten who can book locations for New Year’s Eve through their system. Guests without a history of positive reviews were prohibited from making one-night reservations. Then, the company similarly limited two-night reservations.

On Monday, Airbnb released its newest New Year’s Eve guideline, expanding their limits to three-night reservations.


“For three-night reservations, we will utilize the same technology and restrictions as what’s in place for two-night reservations. For guests without a history of positive reviews, this technology will kick in for certain reservations that pose a heightened risk for unauthorized parties, focusing on local reservations,” the company said in a statement sent to Patch.

The crackdown on New Year’s Eve bookings does not only apply to Northeast Ohio. The policy is a nationwide initiative, partly influenced by the feedback of local Airbnb hosts.

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“We greatly value our partnership with our hosts and their feedback to help us elevate our defenses against unauthorized and disruptive parties. We believe this will bolster our efforts to support the Cleveland community over New Year’s Eve weekend,” the company said