Anthony Anderson’s Wife Alvina Stewart Files For Divorce A Second Time!, By Stephanie Holland, Posted April 8th 2022

The couple is set to split after 22 years of marriage.

After 22 years of marriage, Black-ish star Anthony Anderson’s wife Alvina Stewart has filed for divorce a second time. According to People, the papers were filed Friday, March 25, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. The pair are college sweethearts who have been married since 1999 and have two adult children. The Blast reports, the duo met while attending Howard University, a story Anthony has told during multiple interviews.


“My sophomore year [1989], her freshman year, I knew a girl who lived in the apartment, so I went to knock on the door to invite her to this party that I and my buddies were having,” he recalled. “My wife answered the door. I was like, ‘I was coming to invite Stacey to this party we’re having.’ Stacey didn’t show up, but my wife did—and we have been together ever since that night. And I was just me: I got there early, she didn’t see anybody else, she was, ‘All right, I’m gonna rock out with this dude!’ We got married on our 10-year anniversary.”

Alvina is asking for spousal support and attorney fees, as well as requesting “property acquired during the marriage be treated as ‘community’ property to be split between the parties.” In the documents, “All gifts and inheritance, all assets, earnings, accumulations, and debts acquired by [Alvina] prior to the date of marriage and after the date of separation, the exact nature and extent of which are unknown,” are classified as separate property.

This is Alvina’s second time filing for divorce. She previously filed in 2015, also citing irreconcilable differences in those papers. The separation date in those papers was April 1, 2014, though this time around “TBD” is listed. Per E! News, she rescinded the petition in January 2017, with the couple apparently reconciling.

Anthony Anderson is currently starring as Andre Johnson in the last season of Black-ish, which is wrapping up its run on ABC after eight seasons. The busy actor also hosts To Tell the Truth, and returned to the role of Det. Kevin Bernard for Law & Order’s Season 21 revival. In the updated episodes of the procedural, Bernard has been the voice of reason opposite his old school partner Cosgrove, who is over-the-top unhappy about all the new regulations and consequences police are now facing. He recently guest-hosted for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Late Show with James Corden, leading to rumors and speculation that Anderson might have late night in his post-Black-ish plans.